Sunday, May 11, 2014

An August Christmas Present

February 15, 2014                                                                                                12 Weeks, 3 Days

Hello People of the Interwebs.

Seems I'm finally ready to share our exciting news with you (incase you missed it, see photo above). Many of you who read my blog likely already know I'm pregnant (!!!), but for those of you who happened to randomly click on my blog post via Facebook you may just be finding this out!  Lucky you!  Isn't it exciting?!  I'm excited to share it with you and the rest of the interwebs.

Have you been suspicious? Have you been wondering? Were you one of the few that caught a couple little slip-ups on Facebook before I managed to delete them?  None of it matters now as the cat acorn is out of the bag (so to speak).

We took a pregnancy test in the wee hours of Christmas Eve morning while home in Denver, Colorado.  I'd had a sneaking suspicion I might be pregnant and had daydreamed about how fun it would be to tell our families in person while we visited people stateside.  While in the U.S. we spilled the beans to our families and had the immediate gratification of getting hugged and squeezed by our family members in person instead of through video chat (virtual hugs still have a long way to go).

December 24, 2013  6:30AM                                                                                 Sunrise over Denver moments after we found out.

December 26, 2013         Bow Mar Lake, Littleton, CO          5 Weeks, 1 Day

Luckily, for most of our holiday at home I felt pretty good physically. Though trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I was indeed pregnant and had a baby growing inside me was a whole other matter. It was difficult to fathom we were going to be parents in just 9 short months, and that my entire pregnancy would be happening away from all these people who I so dearly love. Being pregnant in England? I knew this was always a possibility, part of our plan even, but now that it was happening I struggled to adjust to all the logistics and emotions that would follow.

Just before we flew out of Florida I started to feel a little urpy in the mornings, and foods I usually loved started to make me feel nauseated instead of hungry. Unfortunately, our trip home was far from smooth (cancelled flight in New Jersey, packed hotel rooms, waiting standby for flights, bad food, little sleep).  I ended up feeling pretty lousy and was never so happy to get home and crawl into my bed in Cambridge.

January 6, 2014      Vacation Over. 1:25AM    Newark Airport

Once we recovered from minor jet-lag and a mild form of post-traumatic travel distress my morning sickness decided to take center stage. Have you ever felt like your healthy body is betraying you? Like every ounce of physical and emotional energy you have has disappeared and all food is disgusting? Well, I hope you don't know this feeling and that you never have to experience it. It's not fun. It's a real killjoy to the whole, 'Yay! We can get pregnant and ARE pregnant!' thing. 

For the next 2 months I rode the roller coaster of almost-constant nausea, fatigue and various emotional highs and lows. Those hormones of mine really kicked me in the face. And throughout these 2 months the only confirmation I was pregnant (besides my internal hormone revolution) was that pregnancy test I'd taken on Christmas Eve. In the UK they don't confirm your pregnancy until your 1st ultrasound which is around week 12 - 14. So while all the signs pointed to ---> You're Pregnant <--- big pieces of me just didn't believe it. Until . . .

February 24, 2014                                                                          1st Ultrasound

February 24, 2014                                                                   13 Weeks, 5 Days

The midwife touches a wand to my abdomen and quickly, as if by magic, the image of a baby in perfect profile appears on the screen and then proceeds to dance about before our eyes. Finally, after 10 weeks of disconnection between what my body was feeling and my mind couldn't begin to grasp I felt like myself again. My internal monologue went something like this:

Oh. My. God. 
There's a baby inside me! 
And it's moving! A lot. And yet I can't feel a thing. 
Maybe this is why I've been so out of sorts? So nauseated? So tired? (Duh.)

Seeing this tiny little baby wriggle around inside me was the most surreal and comforting experience I've had in my life to date. Full stop.

March 24, 2014                               17 Weeks 5 Days 

Shortly after the ultrasound my hormones seemed to settle down and I returned to eating and sleeping normal amounts. You know, less like a bear in hibernation and more like a human. What a relief it was to be able to cook again and to tolerate the smell of well, anything (the world is one stinky place!).

And because I'm built with the voluptuousness of a telephone pole, a bump started to appear rather quickly. By March I was wearing a few maternity tops and asked for a few things from the U.S. that I couldn't seem to find here in the U.K. (Aside: Pregnant friends, do yourself a favor and get one of these.)   

April 10, 2014                                                                            20 Weeks, 1 Day

By April we were back at the hospital for our second and final ultrasound. This time the baby was much bigger and the whole body no longer fit on the screen at once. Ultrasounds are pure magic. Seeing heart beat, each vertebrae of the spine, the beautiful walnut shape of the brain, the flow of blood and fluid through this tiny little babe that's inside of YOU. Indescribable. 

Since I'd been feeling 'quickenings' (pregnancy codeword for movement) from week 15 it wasn't such a mental leap for me to connect the image on the screen to the flutter in my abdomen. Now it was just a chance to see our baby and to watch it move about. The only leap left for me to take was that the next time I see our baby will be in person, when I'm holding it in my arms (OhMyGoshNoWay). 

As of today, I'm 24 weeks 3 days along and my belly continues to swell. I'm still cycling about 25 miles a week to my various jobs around town, and my appetite seems to be as it's always been. The only major difference in my diet is that I'm giving in to my cravings for sweet things more frequently than usual. Kale chips followed by a chaser of Peanut butter M&M's, yes please. (Thank You Carol and Richard for those "medium" sized bags!). 

I'm still not wearing maternity pants (though today I'm sporting a pair of Devin's jeans) and I really don't want to go out and buy any. Seems inevitable though. Also inevitable is buying things for baby (we don't know, and won't know the sex until birth). While we're hoping to buy the most minimal amount of things we know that we'd better hop-to and get shopping. I even dreamed about diapers the other night. 

I'm already dreaming of exciting things like diapers. 

So there you have it interwebs. 
That's the news from our side of the pond. 
Who knows, maybe I'll even write another post soon.

I'm sure you can't wait to hear what exciting baby related thing I dream about next, right?


  1. Love it Halley! Serious Congrats. You are too cute preggers!!