Monday, June 17, 2013

Four Years Ago Today

Thanks to Google for the images. 

(If you want the full emo effect of this post, open this Fruit Bats song "Beautiful Morning Light" in another window and let it play while you read. I'm one SAPPY sucker.)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Oakland, California
7:00 pm (I think)
The Avenue, on Telegraph Ave.

A post-work, mid-week cocktail at a dive bar seven short blocks from my apartment.
To say the least, I wasn't expecting too much from this date. We'd exchanged a few emails and I found him extremely attractive in his photos (despite the fact he was wearing some sort of helmet in each picture . . .) but my previous experiences of online dates kept excitement and hopefulness at bay.

And then he walked around the corner . . .
Wearing a big smile, and a tan short sleeve button down shirt.
Then he hugged me.
It was a good hug.
And then, suddenly, I was hopeful.

We sat at the bar, the sunshine beaming into the dark muted interior.
I to his left, he to my right.
I think I had a gin and tonic. He might have had the same.
I remember talking about our work, our families, and looking at pictures of glowing plants on his iPhone. I remember being impressed, a bit nervous, and relieved that he didn't always wear a helmet.

I liked this guy.

It was warm, and he took of his button down shirt revealing a t-shirt that had a picture of a scientist in a white lab coat riding a cell/amoeba (?) like a cowboy with the word "SCIENCE!" written under it.

And still, I liked this guy. :-)

A bit worse for the wear, but still riding high.
What I wouldn't give for a Mega Veggie Roll right now.

One of suggested getting dinner . . . I think it was him.
A short four-block walk to Koryo Village had us eating veggie sushi in no time.
We laughed so much. We ate without making fools of ourselves.
The sun set and it grew dark.
He walked me to my bike, a heavy, rusted, red Nishiki cycle.
When unlocking it, I promptly dropped it on the ground.
I rarely rode a bike in those days. I think I rode it to the bar to impress him.

We hugged goodnight.
We said we'd be in touch and both hoped to go out again.

Our first kiss wouldn't happen for another few weeks.
We will have spent the day riding a paddle boat on Lake Merritt in the warm summer sun, and then drinking too many mojitos at Cesar's on Piedmont.
We'll be sitting on my futon, he'll be about to leave for the night.

And four years later he'll kiss me goodbye as he heads out the door to work.
He'll be wearing a helmet.
I still really like this guy.

Love you Devo.

Clockwise L-R: Hugging in Jacksonhole, WY July 2011
Married on July 14, 2012
Buena Vista, CO 1st Trip, December 2009
Buena Vista, CO August 2010

The Beautiful Morning Light lyrics (copyrighted)
By The Fruit Bats

Climb up with  me to the monkey's nest
And lay your head upon my rattling chest
Give your lovely lonesome head a rest
In the beautiful morning light
Press your lips upon this hopeless kiss
And I will blow the tiny spider off your wrist
You're the only one I wish to lay here with
In the beautiful morning light
In the foggy waiting dawn
We breathe frosted breath upon
The branches of the holy tree
Just you and me up here
So climb up with me to the monkey's nest
And lay your head upon my rattling chest
Give your lovely lonesome head a rest
In the beautiful morning light . . .
In the beautiful morning light . . .
In the beautiful morning light.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Peak District Camping Trip: Photo Post

Day 2: Dark Peak Hike
Day 1: 1st Hike near Buxton

I see hill. I must climb it!  - Devin

Can you see us?

Lambing season! Baby sheep everywhere!

Post hike pints @ The Quiet (headless) Woman

Our campsite . So rustic, right? :-)

Day 2: We found a forrest!!

We love the forest!

See the lamb on the trail?! Eeeeep!

Eeeeep! (or baaa!)

We ate lunch in a hole. It was windy.

Seriously beautiful place.

Could it be more beautiful?

Yes. Yes it can. Awwww.

Eeeeeep! Punk Rock Sheep!

The Leaning Tree

Post hike Pints and Chips (and of course sauces).

And then it rained. All. Night. = Pints at Pub and Carcassonne on the iPad!

Day 3: More rain and touring Buxton

More rain  = Touring the village Eyam (The Plague Town)

Eyam: The Plague Town and apparently The Sheep Roast Village

The Eyam church so pretty, he had to close his eyes.

Final hike and the most beautiful rock!

Ah Peak District. So pretty.