Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Eve - 2012

Joyce Dopkeen/The New York Times

Devin shared this short video with me today.

With the wind howling outside and clouds speedily tearing across the sky I sat and listened to Maurice Sendack and Terry Gross speak on the program Fresh Air. A surprisingly poignent interview, packed with wisdom and emotion from Sendack, a magical creative mind that gave the world many gifts. Sendack died this May at the age of 83.

The best advice I've heard of late came from the end of this little video.
Simple and True.

"Live your life. Live your life. Live your life." - M. Sendack

These words feel ever so appropriate as we say goodbye to 2012 and begin another trip around the sun.

"I wish you all good things" T.Gross

Happy New Year.

p.s. Here's a less somber glimpse of Sendack on Stephen Colbert.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Movies & Books & ZipCars . . . Oh My!


It's winter (dark at 3:45pm), I don't have proper employment (quite yet), and most of my volunteer gigs have been on close due to the holiday. All these things combined = lots of time for reading, tv/movie watching and exploring. It's a tough life, but I'm working through it.

Yesterday I spent most of the day in or around city centre dodging the masses who are shopping the sales at the stores around town. Dear me, it was chaos! In an attempt to escape the masses I ducked into the Central Cambridge Library but it too was packed with studious people of all ages. Regardless I joined in, hoping to check out a few books that have been on my list. Two of the twelve books were available for check out, and three more I placed on hold. A library! What a wonderful thing.

Here's what's on my bedside table right now (a mix from the library and from my Kindle):

Too many things to read, right? I know, but I love having a reading list as well as a stack of books in my kindle or on my nightstand. I've recently finished the Lamott (it was okay, not great), and have started Cloud Atlas and The Diary of Mattie Spenser. I also read a poem from the Mary Oliver each morning, and as for the books on mindfulness and depression, I'm curious about them as cognitive therapy is all the range in the evidence-based practice world these days. I hope to apply it not only to my own bouts of depression, but to the people I work with as a therapist as well. I'm also hoping to explore the world of Mindfulness Based Art Therapy as I think the two practices together are a winning combination. Especially with populations coping with chronic illness or a disease diagnosis, like breast cancer. (Interested or curious about all this? Here's the article that inspired me.)

As for movies and television shows, here are a few I've seen in the theatre or at home, and a few more I'd like to see sometime soon:
BBC streaming is amazing, we get so many programs and films for free! And what we can't get we can download from the states or rent from iTunes. Who needs a TV? What about you guys? What's everyone watching and reading this winter? Got any suggestions for me? I'd love to add more things to my lists. (I Heart Lists!)

Tonight I'm headed to city centre again to meet Devin and a couple of friends for a burrito (or what passes as a burrito here) and then a pub afterwards. I hope the winds don't blow me off my bike!
Tomorrow we've rented Daffodil (the Zipcar at our complex) for a 4-hour trip to . . . well we don't quite know where, but I'm thinking either here, here or here. Who knows, we may just end up going for a drive to see what's out there. With only bikes and public transport we've not ventured out of town very much, so we're going to take advantage of the predicted sunny day (fingers crossed) and go see some English countryside! Maybe we'll even have a cuppa tea and some cake! I'll wear my white gloves.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Around The Web - End of 2012 Edition

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Welcome to the last "Around The Web" of 2012!

I hope this post finds you all in a happy haze, overflowing with an abundance of love and laughter after spending time with the ones you love, or doing the things you most love to do this time of year.
The rain continues here in Cambridge, the field of winter wheat outside our flat glowing green under the overcast sky. I sit in front of our full-spectrum light (Thanks Chris and Jen!) getting my rays in as I finish my tea before tackling today's list of things to do. Devin is out for a run, aglow in all the reflective running gear I bought him for Christmas. And for you, dear readers, here are a bunch of things to read about while you wait for planes, avoid getting back to work, or stay in bed just a little bit longer before facing the day.

Why one Mom started telling her children she is beautiful. What do you think?

10 Simple Tips from Apartment Therapy that might make you happier in your home and life. I already do  #1, 2 and 3, but am interested in starting #5, 6 and 10. Which ones speak to you? Which ones make you scoff or cringe?

For those of you who run a business or work with your partner.  But frankly, it's good advice for anyone in relationship (and I don't just mean with romantic partners)

I don't know why, but bread seems to spoil more quickly here for us in the UK. Maybe it's because I used to freeze it and now we don't (no freezer!). How do you keep bread fresh? Here are some tips from a professional baker.

Check out this giant knitted blanket! The knitter used PVC pipe for knitting needles! I told my sister-in-law of For the Love of Squishe the other day, and wanted to share this with the rest of you.

On Not Getting It All Done. For those of you continually haunted by your unending To Do list.

BAKED MACARONI. Enough said.

While we continue about our lives, the people of the Philippines are picking up the pieces of theirs.
Did you hear about this much in the US or elsewhere? To donate, visit the Red Cross.

A newly-wed couple share their perspective about a cross county move right after getting hitched. Sound familiar? ;-)

Setting goals for the New Year? Wanting to make sure you are successful and you don't get down on yourself when the goals feel impossible to achieve? Find your Page 181.

For you tofu-eaters: Ready to try a new glaze? I am! Check out Sticky, Spicy, Good: Hot and Sweet Marmalade Glazed Tofu from Poppytalk.

And for dessert, Sweet and Spicy Peanut Brittle!

A bit cheesy, but still nice post about resourcefulness (in the kitchen and in life).

Still looking for a gift for a special lady in your life? Check out this morse code jewelry line. Simple, stylish and well, just kinda neat.

Check out some of the best nature photographs from 2012 over at

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays & A Happy New Year!

Love, Devin and Hayley

Cambridge, England 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Catch Up!

Well hello there!

It's been almost exactly one month since my last post . . . How can that be?

In an attempt to share just a few of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things that have been happening around here I'll be blasting you all with bullet points and photos in this post. I may end up making this two posts but for the sake of getting something out there before it's 2013 . . . well let's just get started!