Friday, December 31, 2010

The Sun Sets on 2010

From where I sit on the couch I can glimpse a bit of the peachy sunset through tree branches. Today has been quiet, staying inside almost all day, save for when I stashed my wheel-less Nishiki bike frame under the house awning. I feel some pressure to make a grand reflection on what the year 2010 has meant to me, but nothing really comes to mind other than a list of activities which give me pause and a warm fuzzy feeling:

- Rode a moped in Turkey
- Snorkeled in the Sea of Cortez
- Backpacked in the Rocky Mountains (almost summit-ted my 1st 14er)
- Rode a moped to the Bow Mar lake and then to Dairy Queen
- Grown closer to completing yet another degree
- Worked harder than I've ever worked before (grad school, internship & job)
- Moved to Berkeley (to be with my sweetie, Devin) after 7 years in Oakland
- Planted my first "real" garden
- Played nurse to sick parents (who have since healed) 
- Witnessed Chris & Jen marry
- Ran my first (and perhaps last?) 5K
- Welcomed new babies of dear friends into the world

Tonight we'll go out with two of our friends for food and drinks. We'll talk about their new baby boy and all the things he's doing, how they are holding up as new parents, and how much we enjoyed our recent trip to Mexico. I doubt we'll stay awake until midnight, despite having slept in this morning until 9. Tomorrow we'll seal the windows with plastic, drafty old place that this house is . . . clean the mold off my old paintings, store the snorkel gear, and prepare to launch headlong into another long stretch of work, work, work, peppered on weekends with some play.

I have no idea what 2011 holds, I'm sure like any year it will be a mixture of joy and sorrow, triumphs and trials, stress and relaxation. As the year unfolds I hope to grow into it with less rigidity, more playfulness, and the ability to treasure even the tiniest of moments.

Happy New Year.
Oh, and welcome to my blog.